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Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a universal modern method of using a high pressure jet of water, or both, water and an abrasive sand, for cutting without warping. The term abrasive means using a mixture of abrasive and water to cut into hard material such as tool steel, while the term water cutting means the use of only water for cutting softer material such as Styrofoam. This technology does not create hazardous fumes nor does it change the shape or dimension of the material being cut, nor does it cause discoloration of the product. This industrial equipment is capable of cutting a wide selection of materials and is used in various industries around the world.


There are many process features associated to water jet cutting:

  1. Use of a high pressure jet of water produced by a high pressure pump
  2. Water jet cutting can offer a different quality kerf line. It depends of cutting speed. If you need just rough cutting you can use a high speed. It will save you time and money. If you need precision cut you have to use a low speed.
  3. The technology is versatile as you can change a sand flow from 0 to maximum
  4. Cuts may be fine quality, middle quality or rough and can be used for softer or harder materials
  5. High pressure water jet does not affect the cuts


There are numerous advantages associated with the water jet cutting technology. The jet is able to attain a high degree of accuracy. The process allows for sophisticated and accurate cuts on material therefore creating contours of any shape according to AUTOCAD or SOLID WORKS drawings. There is no mechanical or thermal deformation affecting the material used because the temperature in the cutting zone is about 60-90° C. The amount of residues produced is minimal and without contaminants. The process is ergonomic and labour savings.


WaterJet4PRO proposes many services to its clients. Please find examples listed below:

  1. Cutting parts manufactured from metal alloys and composite materials, including tools steel, stainless and high strength steel.
  2. Thick glass cutting
  3. Manufacturing items from natural granite, marble and tiles
  4. Rubber and linoleum parts cutting
  5. Manufacturing of volumetric logos for companies using brass, granite marble and spray paint stencils using metal, plastic or wood.


Various materials are used by WaterJet4PRO which range from alloys (carbon & alloy steels, bronze, brass), aluminium, titanium, inconel, copper, composites, laminates, stone, tiles, wood and much more.