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Waterjet4PRO can help you on the way of your product success from R&D to industrial design, prototyping and manufacturing.

Building a product requires different steps before it can be ready for production for the mass market. Each product has a certain target audience. To evaluate whether the product has a potential and solves its user's needs, an early sample model, called a prototype, is created.

Prototyping provides specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one. It will help you to collect feedback and make changes to your product if needed at an early stage before investing big money. It will save you effort, cost, and will help you move your product in the direction of success.


Turn your idea into a profitable product.

By doing the following 3 steps we can turn your idea into a profitable product.

  1. Create a Concept Sketch - the first step of realizing your idea, and then developing a Virtual Prototype
  2. Build a Physical Prototype
  3. We can also fabricate your product and do assembling and adjusting


Waterjet4PRO also can make:

  • Conceptual design with help in drafting specifications and confirming feasibility
  • Mechanical design
  • Preparing production documents
  • Managing prefabrication of parts and equipment
  • Prototyping workshop available (metal, wood, plastic, composite materials)
  • Subcontracting for 3D printing
  • Assembling and adjusting
  • Development models
  • Testing and pre-certification models
  • Different validation tests


We have all equipment needed to prototype and manufacture parts from different materials. With our CNC machines, we can optimize machining runs with minimum material loss and waste. If you need a CNC prototype, you can provide us with 3D drawings (or our Subcontractor can do one for you). You should describe the purpose of the prototype, ex. for new product presentation, for dimensional verification and assembly. So we will know the exact requirements and can give you a quote.


Prototype’s cost can vary and depends on the project’s complexity.